Strat Trem System Wilk 5+1 USA, WV6-SB, Chrome Black Gold
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Wilkinson Strat Tremolo/Trem System WV6-SB
Wilkinson Vintage Style 6 Saddle

"5+1" Strat Tremolo System with Steel Block

Fits USA 2-3/16” Standard Spacing
For Use in Standard US Fender Strats with 1-3/4” Body Thickness

The Wilkinson WV6SB 5+1 Trem System improves upon a classic design with new appointments to the standard vintage tremolo. This steel block trem provides the unsurpassed tone transfer of a six-screw pivot system with the smooth fulcrum action of a two-pivot set-up.

Features start with a vintage correct steel baseplate and unique 5+1 hole pattern. One hole is used to locate the vibrato laterally in the traditional way, keeping the bridge positioned properly. The five remaining elongated knife-edge slot holes reduce or eliminate the chance of screws binding in the holes. This ingenious design provides a smooth return-to-zero, getting back-in-tune functionality in the original position like no other.

Specially designed bent steel saddles for vintage tone and performance stamped "Wilkinson-Wilkinson" transfer string energy very efficiently. The staggered string-hole block pattern produces a consistent angle over the saddles and increases tuning stability. With improvements to the saddle-to-ball length ratio, intonation is a breeze and increased sustain lets your notes ring through.

This trem uses the “Pop-In” or “Push-On” Style Arm. This arm features a tension adjustment on the back of the block (behind the trem arm pole). There is an allen wrench adjustment screw to adjust tightness of the bar. Some people like it loose and some like it super-tight so this feature allows customization according to your personal preference. Let the arm swing or keep it stiff - either way there is no "wobble" in the arm. Just use the adjustment allen screw on the back of the block to find the sweet spot between stiff and swinging arm.

Product Highlights
*Brand New Wilkinson Tremolo Bridge System
*Full Size Steel Block (not the tapered/slimmed-down model)
*Vintage Correct Steel Baseplate
*Steel Saddles Stamped “Wilkinson-Wilkinson”
*For Use in Full-Size US Fender Standard Strat Bodies 1-3/4” Thick
*MIM (Mexican) or Import Strat Bodies Will Require Modification
*Fits USA 2-3/16” Standard Spacing

What’s Included
*1 Quantity Wilkinson Tremolo Bridge System

Each complete system comes with the following:
*1 Baseplate
*1 Block
*6 Saddles
*6 Trem Screws
*1 Trem Arm/Bar (push in style) with Cap/Tip
*4 Trem Springs
*1 Spring Retainer Claw with 2 Claw Screws
*1 Allen key/wrench (for arm/bar adjustment)

Nothing else is included. Any extra images are provided for additional reference and comparison purposes only. There are no diagrams or instructions provided with this item. Please refer to posted diagrams for additional information.

All measurements and dimensions are approximate.

  • Block Depth: 41.2mm
  • Center:Center Post (Screw Spacing): 56mm
  • String Pitch: 10.8mm
  • String Spacing (Overall/E:E): 56mm
  • Overall Baseplate Measurements: 83.25mm x 38.8mm
  • Baseplate Width for Pickguard Recess: 74mm

This item will not fit on anything other than what is expressly stated above. There are no additional items included with this purchase other than what is noted under “What’s Included” above.

  • Item #: 10299

Strat Trem System, Wilkinson 5+1 USA Bridge, WV6-SB, Chrome

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