We are proud to offer the most versatile customization options available anywhere. We wire everything in-house to your specs and can create unique combinations to meet your needs. Check out our guard colors and style options well as onboard effects and wiring upgrade information below. Each loaded guard style provides unique combinations and opportunities to personalize and upgrade your build. Check below for a basic outline of some of the options available. Please message us at prior to purchase with any questions or if you can’t find what you want.

    Each build offers different options. Your selections and any addition of effects or upgrades will determine ultimate layout/functionality and may necessitate substitution (at our discretion) of component styles depending on options chosen. Do not use power tools for installation; take your time and be careful. Let us know if you have any questions.

    For switching, we offer your choice of switch control types depending on build.
    3-Way Switching gives you bridge in P1, bridge & neck combined in P2, and neck in P3.
    5-Way Switching gives you bridge n P1, bridge & middle combined in P2, middle in P3, middle & neck combined in P4, and neck in P5.
    2-way or 3-way mini toggle switch controls operate pickups independently with mini switch controls.

    You can also select the number, style and position of your control pots. Pot position options include the following. Be sure you know what will work with your body cavity.
    P1 (Position #1) Located at Standard Strat Volume Hole
    P1.5 (Position #1.5) Slight Offset between P1 and P2
    P2 (Position #2) Located at Standard Strat Middle Tone
    P2.5 (Position #2.5) Slight Offset between P2 & P3
    P3 (Position #3) Located at Standard Strat Bottom Tone
    P4 (Position #4) Offset

    Wiring Options are available on most builds and offer a variety of guard performance capabilities.
    7-Way Switching: This is a wiring modification and is available with push-pull or push-push style volume pot replacement or a mini toggle switch addition. With a 5-way blade switch, you’ll use your choice of replacement pot or mini toggle to access the 7-way functionality. Engaging the pot or flipping the mini switch will access the bridge pickup so that in Position 4 on the 5-Way you have bridge, middle, and neck pickups while in Position 5 you have bridge and neck (no middle) pickups. With the pot or switch disengaged, you will have your standard 5-Way Strat pickup switch selections just like a regular Strat.
    Blend Pot: These are small, dime-sized pots that can help blend the volume from different pickups. This option replaces a tone pot (must be selected) and provides additional volume balance control and response to manipulation.
    Bridge Tone Upgrade: This uses a tone pot (must be selected) to allow your middle tone control (neck) to also control the bridge tone. These are not offered on builds with incorporated auto coil-split.
    Kill Switch: A variety of kill switch options are available to interrupt or cut signal to your amp. From master kill switches in mini toggle or momentary arcade styles to individual pickup kill switches, we’ve got you covered.
    Solderless Connection: This upgrade offers the option to install your new guard without any soldering by using a specially designed quik-connect wiring box. You must have an existing trem/bridge ground for installation.
    Treble Bleed: This uses a volume pot mod to allow volume roll with significantly less high frequency loss.